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Lyft Driver Kicks Racist Couple Out of His Car

A Lyft driver wasn’t about to allow a racist couple into his vehicle — getting in a nasty back and forth with the two — before ultimately giving them the boot. According to the driver, the whole thing went down outside a bar called Fossils Last…READ MORE

Kim Kardashian Lands Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

Kim Kardashian can add another magazine cover to her collection — she’s the star of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. The S.I. Swim crew made the announcement Monday morning — Kim, Ciara, Maye Musk and music artist Yumi Nu will grace the…READ MORE

Amber Heard’s Team Slams Depp as Victim Shamer

Amber Heard’s team is lashing out at Johnny Depp as she braces for cross-examination, saying she expects Johnny’s lawyer to do classic victim shaming. Heard is finishing up her direct testimony, but before Johnny’s lawyers have their chance, her…READ MORE